Datalife Engine English CMS is a multi-user CMS Engine, which has a lot of features. The engine is intended primarily for the Blogs and News Contents websites with great information context. However, it has a lot of settings that allow you to use it for virtually any purposes. The engine can be integrated into virtually any existing design and has no restrictions on the templates customizations itself. Another key feature of DataLife Engine - is a low load on system resources. Even with a very large contents and visitors website, the server loading will be minimal and you will not experience any problems with the mapping and query the contents and information. The engine is Search Engine Optimisation that lead to your site additional visitors and web surfers. Datalife Engine is Using AJAX advanced technology which will allow you not only to save you on server traffic and resources and traffic of visitors, but also reduces the load on the server. DLEStarter — DLE Team Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended out of 5

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Thanks Module 2.2.1 (English)Thanks Module 2.2.1 EnglishThanks v.2.2 module for DLE system allows you to organizethanks on the site. The new version worked to optimize the code module, change of logic operation at some point, support the latest versions of DLE. What is so interesting in this module? (NEW)...
Banned PageBanned page is the theme page to display the information to users who are blocked or banned from your website, by default this page is using theme file /root-folder/templates/banned.tpl, this hack is just to customize your site to be looking better in banned page, all you need...
Juicy Portal - DLE 10.2Can be used in different areas, but I believe that is especially pleasant in the game's a nice theme. Friends in the short content themes you want to use as part of the second column You must use file-2.tpl it shortstory or you can change the name shortstory.tpl or...
Broken Links 1.0 (Extended - DLE 10.2)The new Broken Links Extended for DLE 10.2 is originally based on Broken Links V.1 by Dmitry Dark5ider, new functions are added: Send PM to reported users, mass actions to remove links, delete articles with send notifications for users who reported the dead links and fully...
Admin Logs Cleaner v1.1Manage panel, the actions of managers and incorrect entries made ​​with the 10.1 release is recorded. Of course, this record is the first place to look is a security vulnerability. But when you use constantly in addition to the admin panel in the manager does not use a single...
Feedback Messages v1.1 (English)Contact us section post can not always get to you. Server problems and so on. you can not be aware of the reasons post. This condition you to post your user or customer will not like it. Therefore, in an instance of communication messages from the admin panel where you can see...
Grunge Film Theme (10.2)Grunge Film Theme (10.2)Grunge theme of the film offers a choice of 5 different color theme is a set of a film's quality. Use extra space offers the user a more flexible use. The trailer for the film and hosting for site owners with online tracking area "site ready" is the level...
Multi XField 1.3 EnglishMulti XField EnglishMulti XField 1.3 by MaRZoCHi is also known as "MWS Multi XFields", the ultimate extended Custom Article Fields (XFields) for Datalife Engine, this version has some major improvement for supporting DLE 10.2, the major features of this module are functions tha...
Clear Cache Button on Admin PanelClear cache botton Description This tutorial will show you how to add quick clear cache button on dle admin panel Instruction: Locate: /engine/skins/ Find:<div class="action-nav-normal action-nav-line" style="display: inline-block;">...
Easy fix date and time errorSometimes it's very annoying security message show up and can give you pull out of your hair because don't know what sent wrong or what the hell is going on...and most of the time you will get warning message like: Message: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system's...
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