1. Articles for 13.02.2013
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Bullet energy 1. 3 Dark theme
Dark theme for Bullet Energy Forum 1.3, lightweight theme with dark color, as the author said "Fell like Evening", this dark theme is for Bullet Energy 1.3 version, easy to install in less than a minute. Design by: madv1ch and Translated to English by: Dark22.
Online Photoshop for DLE!
This hack will add you a Online image editor on your dle site. Online Photoshop for DLE! can benefit from Photoshop on-line. You can upload and edit your images, support for layers, stories, there are many languages.
DLE Version Supported DLE: 9.x10.x
Hack send notification when a new complaint
This hack is for sending notification to site admin whenever there is complaint was added and filed to report anything within your website, the notification will be sent by email to site admin (primary admin), easy to install and work effectively, use only if you want the notification to be sent to you to remind you in case you forgot to login to admin cp and check them
DLE Version Supported DLE: 9.x


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