1. DLE Shortbar V.1.0 (English)

DLE Shortbar V.1.0 (English)

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DLE Shortbar V.1.0DLE Shortbar V.1.0

DLE Shortbar is one of the most beautiful shortbar, is uses jQuery with rock solid CSS 3 features, the shortbar can be used with any themes on DLE 9.x that use jQuery library, easy to setup and manage in Admin CP, you can add/edit/remove anything you want as you desire!
DLE Shortbar V.1.0 (English)
DLE Shortbar V.1.0 (English)
DLE Shortbar V.1.0 (English)

Installation: (also included with package)

- Upload all of the files from the archive to the server
- Run installation to make a query to a database by point your browser go to: http://yoursite.com/engine/modules/ed-shortbar/install.php
this page is available only to site administrators (group ID 1) and you must first login
- In your template file main.tpl after {AJAX} add:
{include file="engine/modules/ed-shortbar/bar.php?menuid=1"}

More about the {include file ...:
VariablesDescriptionDefault ValueThe possible values
menuidMenu ID0Start from 0;
0 = No menu;
userid The user ID who can see Short Bar 0 Start from 0;
0 = all users;
group Group ID can see Short Bar 1 Start from 0;
0 = all groups;
dleinfo Resources associated with the engine DLE true true - Show button;
false - Not show;
search Search box true true - Add Search Box;
false - Not include Search Box;
userinfo User Panel true true - Show button;
false - Not show;
edit Edit this section true true - Show button;
false - Not show;
autohide Automatically hide ShortBar true true - Hide;
false - Do not hide;
minimize Compress HTML code false true - Compress;
false - Not compress;
cache Allow caching true true - Use Cache;
false - No cache;
lng Use Laguage en ru - Russian;
en - English;

Example (to make it clear how it works):
{include file="engine/modules/ed-shortbar/bar.php?menuid=1&dleinfo=false&autohide=false"}

- Module Version: 1.0
- Author: Elegant Division (http://e-div.com)
- Module URLs:
::: http://e-div.com/blog/dle-shortbar.html
::: http://dle-news.ru/modules/1564-dle-shortbar-v1.html

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Comments 5

Commented By sawanbanna on August 30, 2013 (10:48 pm)
fantastic...thanks for translation bro..appreciate it beer

I think there is problem with dle 10.0 on pre tag mess up symbols like { include }
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« Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever! »
Commented By ivanov16 on August 30, 2013 (11:12 pm)
yes, thank you
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Commented By onchannel on March 5, 2014 (10:21 am)
nice module. but , i saw that when i click on the SEARCH ICON from the built in search box, nothing happens. it works only if i hit enter on my keyboard to search for something. how can it work by clicking on the search icon and hit enter on the keyboard?

thank you in advance for your reply
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Commented By DLEStarter on March 5, 2014 (5:50 pm)
the thing is both forms use the same name and ID, so one of them may not working, the best way to test this is by disable one and test another, if it works only one form then you only need one, no need for 2 since they both the same thing, good news is it's only html conflict so at least one of them still work, unlike jquery/javascript conflict which none of them will work at all.
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Commented By onchannel on March 6, 2014 (2:30 am)
thank you for your reply. i will leave as it is.
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full movies
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