1. Custom Comments V.1.0

Custom Comments V.1.0

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Custom Comments V.1.0

Comments with Custom modules can place as you want to comment on your site. The known insert was prepared in the same way as custom logic.
Thus, the use of more easily understood. All information about the template file and the code is available below.

Now you will not have to search for your site Latest comments module. That complies with a plurality of DLE version. But it is designed on the base version 10.3 in the first place.

Author: Mehmet Hano─člu (MaRZoCHi)
Module Version: 1.0
DLE Version: 10.3, 10.2, 10.1, 10.0
Module URL: http://dle.net.tr/dle-modul/643-dle-son-yorumlar-modulu-custom-comments.html

Tags can be used in the template :

Article Information :
{news-title limit="50"} - The title of the article ( Full title: {news-title} )
{news-cat}              - Link to the article category
{news-link}             - Article URL
{news-id}               - Article ID

User Information :
{author}            - Username
{author-colored}    - Username ( with group color )
{author-id}         - User ID
{author-url}        - Profile page URL
{author-foto}       - Avatar URL
{author-news}       - Number of Articles
{author-comm}       - Number of Comments
{author-group}      - Group (Included group color)
{author-group-icon} - Group icon

Comment Details :
{approve}     - Approval status (Approved: 1, waiting for confirmation: 0)
{is_register} - Registered user: 1, not register 0
{email}       - Email address
{ip}          - IP Address
{id}          - Comment ID
{date}        - Date ( {date=Format} support )
{text}        - Full comment text including HTML
{text-prev}   - Comment text as writing the first 100 characters

Control tags :
[registered] Registered users appears in the comment [/registered]

Comment code and parameters
Comment code
users="yes"           : Comments made by registered users only (no: The comments of the visitor, not used: all)
cache="yes"           : Use caching (default: no)
id="1-100,5"          : Comment IDs between 1-100 and 5 ones (id also be entered for a single comment = "10")
news="1,2,3,4-10"     : Article IDs that interpret between 1-10 (can also be entered for a single article: news = "205")
author="MaRZoCHi"     : Only comments that the user belongs to
approve="yes"         : Only approved comments (no: pending, not used: all)
template="last_comm"  : Template file for display Comment
days="3"	      : Comments written in the last 3 days
from="0"              : Start from comment number
limit="10"            : Limit ( limit-from as shown comment )
order="date"          : Sort by ( date - date, postid - Article ID, author - Username, rand - Random )
sort="desc"	      : Sort method ( asc: Ascending Order - a-z,0-9, desc: Descending Order - z-a,9-0 )


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