1. custom news v1.8 +Ajax

custom news v1.8 +Ajax

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This module works with 8.x it well be nice if some updates the module for 10.x
i have tested on 9.x and 10.x and it only shows up in admin panel !!!

Output block news site anywhere
The conclusion of the news categories and selected news
Video output, audio and images separately in the news section
Changing the length of the output text news from formatting and without
Resizing Images in the news (Types: CROP | THUMB | Normal)
Changing the size of the output video of the news
Select the number of columns in the input block news
Type Selection Sort by: Date, rating, rated by count of comments, random (random)
Conclusion news for properly to the time interval
Ability to display only enshrined news
The choice of how to display news and how much
The possibility of cache blocks
The choice of where to get the content (of the long or short news)
Ability to select for each block of your template
Easy to work with templates
and so on ...
+ Additional AJAX

- Completely rewritten from scratch module
- A new class of image processing! (No bugs)
- Added the type of change pictures on the larger side
- Added a new output type: by ID News, that is fixedly specify which news will be displayed in the block
- Added the availability, so you can filter who can view the block in which categories visible unit in which Radel it will be available / unavailable, etc.
- Added partition generated Image Verification to folders, making it easier to work with them and restore order when the module
- Added option to set the default image for each block separately.
- When resizing images - new created independently (without deleting old ones)
- When you delete unnecessary block all images that generated this block are automatically deleted
- Added option to ban the standard output of news in the derivation news this module on the main display instead of the news.
- Added the function on / off blocks
- Added Sort by: Randomly
- Added a option O: Only fixed News
- Added option to overlay a watermark on the generated image
- Added the function with which you can trim the text of news, while maintaining its format
- Added dynamic change of cell separators block for each block of hotel
- Maximum convenient admin panel is made to work with blocks, now do not have to change the settings after re-generate the unit, all settings are stored in the config
- Improved system of work with templates, it became flexible and convenient (details in the screenshots)
- Added support for operation of the module with the WYSIWYG editor
- Pressur tag {video} - thanks to which you can display all the flash videos of news selected tag, the size of the video window can be set from admin
- Added tag {audio} - which displays audio player with your news.
- Added tag {img} - outputting a reference to cut pictures, made - to overlay on the image css settings, just made two tags {img-width} and {img-height} for the same.
- Added an option - "where to get one or another element" - from the full news or short, for pictures, video and audio for each individual unit.
- Added option for handling flush, in which the flash does not cover js window.
- For the convenience of editing patterns show - which template is used in any block.
- Fixed all the bugs Advertisements advance.

PS script working, open!
There cant file container.php
$ Config_path_image_upload = ROOT_DIR. "/ Uploads / CU /".$ nwid." / ";
$ Images = $ config ['http_home_url']. "Uploads / CU /".$ nwid." / ". $ Image_name;
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Comments 3

Commented By yorismith on February 9, 2015 (12:16 am)
This maybe weird comment but this module is absolutely useless since DLE included {custom...} tag so DLE 9.x and 10.x is no longer need this module so there is no point of spending time upgrade this module while you can easily use custom tags in your theme anywhere you want and any categories you like. This module maybe useful for DLE 8.x and that's why the module developer discontinue update this module.
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- Nothing comes free...
- A generous heart, kind speech, and compassion are the things which renew humanity
Commented By NicolausX on February 9, 2015 (3:59 pm)
When i translated i was thinking it can help me define the why news will look like in short and long story,but if it dos not help me then maybe my time spent well be useful for those who still use 8.x ....
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Commented By yorismith on February 9, 2015 (10:22 pm)
no, no, I am not saying anything negative, I was just saying the module isn't worth modifications because you put in your post asking to update for "it well be nice if some updates the module for 10.x", so my comment was intended for that isn't worth upgrade because dle 9.x and 10.x comes with {cutsom} which far more customizable than any modules, I am not saying this module is bad, I tested this module myself before I approve here so trust me I see the module in action before I approved and commented,

Also this module reminding about "Block Pro" because it seems very similar and identical functions...

Translating big module like this will take times so I do respect everyone's works. and thank you for sharing.
32 288Forum topics : 2Forum replies : 699Forum likes : 117

- Nothing comes free...
- A generous heart, kind speech, and compassion are the things which renew humanity
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