1. Server Overload VS DLE

Server Overload VS DLE

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Server Overload VS DLEI have been asked the questions about websites running Datalife Engine overload issue on host servers, quite frankly I am little bit tired about this question, so in this tutorial I will tell you what's most likely behind the scene of server overload and what's the quick way to deal with it.

More and more websites running Datalife Engine and website get bigger and bigger, but more and more problems are coming afterward especially server resources using by server and that cause the server overloaded, many users got problem like "DLE SQL queries using 100% of CPU and Memory on webserver", the final result is account suspended or blocked by webhost providers...now what?...well you should start with crying and second try to get someone to blame for, however, go to any website that provide DLE script and tell them I downloaded script from your site but now I got account suspended due to server overload? Is this the mistake or issue from whoever provide the nulled script? well, first of all, whoever provide you the nulled script will not give you any guarantee and satisfaction guarantee on any "nulled" script, so you download it - it's your responsible and your own risk to use "nulled" script, so you can blame whoever you want, they simply don't care. Second of all There is no difference in "nulled" script versions, all versions will have the same functions but only difference is different way of nulled method which any nulled versions will not cause any problems like server overload, addnews not working, form not working, image not showing etc...all of them will work just perfect.

Well if nothing different then what the hell is wrong with my version, why no one else has problem like me? Good question, well, let me tell you what's different.
  • server requirements issue (Your server doesn't meet the script requirement which cause the script not function properly)
  • install all modules I see and want (everywhere you go and see some modules and you want it BUT don't use it)
  • install big modules that the server resources (some modules use a lot of server resources than you never imagine but you think "wow" the module is so cool!)
  • use additional queries to database (every dle hack is using additional database server resources NO exception)
  • rip or copy other sites idea (lot of people don't even know when they try to customize their sites to get it look like other sites you like without knowing exactly the modules or how to customize them, but assume...)
  • using "automated" submit or post scripts (the automated posts or grabbers are the king of resources on MySQL killer and flood which people have no idea how much it uses the server resources)
  • DLE settings (there are some settings that people set to use which use server resources)

What's next?

  • Before you install or upgrade DLE Script make sure to check the server requirements, this is very important facts, some server meet minimum requirements, but not meet recommendation, the requirement is for script to be installed and running normally, the recommendation is for script the run smooth and have perfect performance that meet both server side and client side, so requirements is not big deal for regular websites, but if it's big, you have to meet recommendation
  • Do not install any modules you don't need, you must understand between "Need" and "Want", you may want everything but not everything you need, uninstall the modules or hacks you don't need, those modules or hacks are constantly query to database even it's not used but still installed in system using "require" or "include" functions, remove them if not in use
  • The big modules are really the big facts on most websites that having problems with server overload, sad news is DLE using index.php to query every single module to parse, so there is no way to tell which module is causing the problem, you need to identify them one by one by install and uninstall the modules, unfortunately I will not judge and mention about any modules that use more server resources than others because all modules and hack writers are working hard to get the modules out for users to use, so I fully respect those hard workers who try to help dle users.
  • Copy people idea is not a good way to start your own website, because when you see one website and ask someone to customize it or make it look like what you saw, this could be your future of disaster of your website because you may not know the real modules they use in the site you saw, they might use very small modules or hacks to use very small server query while your copy is opposite
  • As you all know that DLEStarter.com doesn't do supports to any "grabber" or "automated" post script or modules, the grabber or automated posts will use lot of server resources when you grab the articles from other sites to add to your site, because one click post 20 articles..ooooh...the constantly connections and query to database plus 100 users still online on your site...yai...good luck with that...
  • DLE Settings, there are some settings, you should serious consider to review and set to default or disable or turn off...here are some good example:
    1. Show on site news, the article date which has not yet occurred: Recommend to set "No"
    2. Automatically generate of alphabetical catalog of articles: Recommend to set "No", this could cause double query
    3. Enable automatic conversion options: Recommend to set "No"
    4. Show articles in subcategories: : Recommend to set "No" this will take a lot of server resources
    5. WYSIWYG editor: recommend to use bbcode because WYSIWYG will take double resources compared to BBCode mode on loading
    6. Enable SmartCache: This highly recommend to set to "Yes" this will help a lot of server resources reduction!
    7. Enable comments caching: Always set to "Yes" because if there are 10 comments in 1 topic, when visit that topic, comment will query 10 times not include additional tpl tags, so set it to Yes is highly recommended!
    8. Enable Gzip: This option is very important that people look over it, 99% of website that have server overload set this option to "Yes", what the people don't know about this option is that it's save some bandwidth on both server and client sides because it compress html output so that your users/visitors can see your website loading faster, but behind the scene, this option is primary server killer because this could easily use 50% and up of your server resources, yes, your visitor will see your website faster but your server is crying, if you have 20,000 articles and have 200 visitors browsing your website at the same time, your server could suffer over 75% of CPU...you might think this option is good for loading faster but resources on server can be maximized, so enable this setting allows you to save user traffic, but increases the load on the processor on the server, so if you are experiencing problems with the load on the CPU, we recommend disable this option
    9. Future dates publishing module: recommend to use off
    10. Enable calendar: Calendar is one of the biggest modules that query heavily database, most of website enable it but never been used or not need, consider disable it is my high recommendation
    11. Activate the TagCloud module: We all know that this module is very helpful in search engine but it takes a lot of server resources, if your website ranked 3 and higher, I would recommend to turn it off
    12. Choose type of searching for used on site: many website use text-through for search, which will get better and exact results of search but this take a lot of mysql resources, and this could flood the incoming search keywords from search engine, so I would recommend "simple" search will do just fine
    13. DO NOT pin all articles in your website, I see many websites set articles to pin or fix, don't do that, you should not have more than 3 pin articles in your website
    14. Disable "sort" option: this is heavily query on sorting the articles, if you don't need it, disable it.
    15. Can users change your website skin?: Always turn it off, big server cpu consuming!
    16. Enable quick search: The king of CPU killer
    17. Include support multicategory on site This is the top 3 server resources overload, this option will cause server query more than double or most likely triple queries...
    18. Do not use different version of database with wrong version of script versions, for example using 9.0 database on 9.4 DLE script, never do that!
    19. Informer Module: (Enable use of RSS informer module) This module is know as causing server delay response, this module is enabled by default but highly recommended to be disabled!

What if none of above concern your issue?

Well if none of above seems to cause the issue, then I might the wrong about this script, quite frankly I never experienced this issue myself but based on my research I think I have cover in most of the parts that cause the issues, but if it's not fixed the problem, I would make this recommend to you folks to down the fresh copy of DLE and upload to make fresh install on different database or same database but different "PREFIX" then after reinstall fresh copy of script then change the dbconfig.php to use the old database table, this way you will have brand new script with fresh configurations and settings, clear all of your smartcache.

Also use third party software to help on server caching, like install "Memcached" in combination with "Varnish" in your server, or use ready free services like CloudFlare, the cache system will help reduce a lot of server loading...!

I am not expert in this issue, so if you folks experienced this issue and fixed it, would like to share, please do share it, I am sure more and more people will have this problem in the future (which I hope not) so they will find solution from you!
Good luck to you all!
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Commented By ahmede on August 5, 2012 (2:56 am)
Good reading thanks a lot. I was a wordpress fan till' disaster, will see how DLE does on server resources. By the way is wordpress more resource hungry then DLE?
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Commented By noobos on August 5, 2012 (4:39 am)
Personal opinion here...Both DLE and wordpress are a bit different on database queries, however, if you install wordpress without plugins and install DLE without plugins or hacks...the server resources are not much different to compare but wordpress is slightly heavier system loads and wordpress is using more server memory than DLE, but dle use more CPU than wordpress. However, in my personal experience DLE is handling the server resources better than wordpress and can be easier to fix server load than wordpress, wordpress is built on opensource foundation so there are a lot more options of modules to install anyways you want but it means eat up more server RAM, the good news is dle have better options to handle query connections.

The most headache for both CMS is that both using a lot of SEO URLs to rewrite the page urls, which is the major concern for Apache server, more comlicated SEO is more server resources using. the down side for DLE is that is use almost 80KB .htaccess total size for the rest of script, which keep dle more secured but it;s heavy in term of htaccess file size, while wordpres only use about 65KB total htaccess files size (I am talking about all htaccess files combined together in size. but DLE is commercial script and it doesn't get too many people involve like wordpress to develop script structure.

So it doesn't matter which cms you use, eventually it will come down to server resources and loading when your site growing more and more. so both cms could end up on the same road.

You may hear a lot of story about wordpress and server load more often than DLE, this because DLE users mostly don't speak English like wordpress community, so it doesn't mean dle don't have problem with it, but you just can;t find on google since they are not in English.

So in my opinion as final assessment, either one will do just fine and I can't say which one is better than another...just keep in mind that DLE was born based on CutePHP system which is very lightweight script but it's commercial, on the other end wordpress is opensource and has a lot of plugins which free and easy to install. Well if you have experience with wordpress I would say stick with it, unless you want to try something easy to customize your website anyway you want!
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Commented By ahmede on August 6, 2012 (1:18 am)
Thanks for your reply. Like I said wordpress killed my dedicated server (3.2Mhz 2GbRam) instantly. Some 4000 uniques daily. Did all the tweaking including server side and wordpress side and same result. Also did a fresh wp install with fresh posts and the default theme. By the way on the same server I'm running a 15k uniques daily PhpNuke site (believe it or not) and no problem for the server. The ex-wordpress site is now running php-fusion with all the seo tweaks and no problem for the server. Now I started using DLE on the same server on a new site. Will see how it does.
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Commented By sawanbanna on August 6, 2012 (2:55 am)
phpNuke is server killer, it's one of the most server resource killer as far as I know, but still running while wp is crash your server, this is unlikely wp lol...php-fusion is really good, I used it before I moved to dle, the only reason I move to dle because dle is better in theme customizations, while php-fusion is using php theme files, I don't know if they changed lately...but DLE is definitely theme customization independent, you have all freedom to customize it all you want and anyway you want it to be...I personally would say DLE is using less server resources than WP.
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« Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever! »
Commented By steven on August 12, 2012 (7:45 am)
Let me put my input here!
Recently i changed server because of a good offer i could get on a second unlimited bw so i took it.
i run several dle blogs some quite popular and large 50000+ articles
reading around trying to get things better than before as i wanted to avoid future problems with a few more sites going online soon i had a look at the w3 total cache of wordpress and what it does
memcached not filecache for dle is a must! specially on large sites.
as mentioned above stay away from as many module as possible
3news especially from my experience! tun of most of the stuff you don't need but dle helps you and tells you what to do just learn how to use it.
APC cache helps you to increase speed.
make a cookie less subdomain for images, css and js.
as above gzip a must
firewall the shi. out of bots IE CSF is a easy to use and configure
Adjust your mysql settings and watch it for a wile it's not a one day process..
(NOT YET impemented) varnish cache as a proxy to cache popular pages
( not yet implemented) amazon for static content).
a cheap VPS or shared hosting just wont do it on bis sites
Don't be a cheap scape!
WILL NOT DO WORK ON SHARED HOSTING AND SMALL VPS as it is pointless for big sites.

i believe that if wordpress killed the server with those spects there is something wrong with the settings for sure!!! i GARANTE that
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echo base64_decode("WW91IGdvdCBtb25leT8=");
Commented By noobos on August 12, 2012 (10:30 am)
I complete agree...cheap shared host and vps is pointless to reconfigure

and yes agree again on server setting on wordpress because I don't believe that will constantly kill server resources since wordpress isn't that bigger deal unless plenty of plugins and modules. which seriously I can't see the different in DLE if install tons of modules too.
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Commented By steven on September 14, 2012 (3:19 pm)
to add something else i never really thought about until i was working on a project and was given a template to modify where there was many available not available blocks really came into my mind how dle processes them via regex. therefore more blocks we have more the server has to work so i believe not only is a fact that for a main template is more vaiable to completely make blocks for certain pages as opposed to adding multiple is there is not there simply because is will do it once and not many times the amount of HTML removed as close to no importance in this case.
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echo base64_decode("WW91IGdvdCBtb25leT8=");
Commented By noobos on September 14, 2012 (7:04 pm)
that i agree and that why I cal the theme "MStarter" as heavy theme, and there are some script engine to cut or add the block when you want or not want, don't forget about {custom} tag tho..that's king of server resource too, any themes that don't use default shortstory but hide content tag in main page and use custom tags instead...that's server killer too...people want the way to make their website look busy but they don't realize how much server resources are in uses...
16 302Forum topics : 12Forum replies : 1036Forum likes : 170
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