1. Top 10 Reasons why upgrade to 9.4

Top 10 Reasons why upgrade to 9.4

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Top 10 Reasons why upgrade to 9.4Datalife Engine 9.4 is out and added some features that a lot of people trying to get hack to display something they want on their website, some hacks are available but some can't be found anywhere..but in 9.4 have build-in some of those features without using any hacks..here are the top 10 reasons why you should upgrade your DLE to 9.4, please leave comments if you like it...

  1. Better Security, 9.4 has better security layers on both add comments and registration process, 9.4 also added "Security Question" which is very need for DLE website that facing s lot of spammers
  2. Some add-ons that people are looking for to customize their website, like tags {image-1} which you can use in "Top News" on sidebar and "Related News" in fullstory, now you can specify the first image to add automatically image into the list with ease, not only you can specify the image, but you also can specify the the text limit if you want to add story with top news and related news if you don't want only title
  3. Improvement in Site monitors, now you can track every website activities that made by any users in your websites
  4. fullstory.tpl is now support {custom} tag, you can add and customize your fullstory to recommend any topics in your website using custom pages
  5. Highlight and "Ctrl+Enter" to report any errors on your website easily, this is part of "Complaint Module", if there is anyone report the error, you will automatically notified when you login to Admin CP
  6. Edit news is now handy and simple than ever, when you click to edit news for both shortstory and fullstory can be edited in single windows, you will get popup windows using jQuery for you to edit your articles without having to leave your page, in the previous versions, if you need full edit you must got to admin cp or it will redirect you to admin cp to use full edit feature...
  7. Block user IP is now really simple, if you have users that made comments on your site as spammer, you can easily block the user IP
  8. Check the required fields before complete submit the articles, this option is very useful especially if you spend a lot of time writing your article, then click submit, what happen if you don't fill out all required fields? you will get error in the next page and when you click "go back" your article you spend time writing is long gone, but in 9.4 this problem is eliminated, if you don't fill out all required fields you will simply get popup windows to tell you the error and no action form is taking which means you still in the same page that you just wrote the article, nothing loose and come back to write it again!
  9. in 9.4 you have option to not to track or remember your login info if you use public computers or your friend computers with "Do not remember me" will not save any cookie on that computer you use
  10. Allow you to choose login types either using "username" or "Email" to login to your website
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Commented By i386 on October 23, 2011 (4:55 am)
man, we should provide our 9.4 version for member downloads because your article really make them eager to have it... wink
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Commented By noobos on October 23, 2011 (4:57 am)
I agree you are killing them just post article but no download available, they just wait for dle-en.com but no sign of download available there man...
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Commented By crys18 on October 24, 2011 (8:56 pm)
edited by tbenmcp

we DO NOT allow nulled script on this website...
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Commented By romeoluv56 on October 28, 2011 (4:09 am)
Nice site nice template, great tutorials, thanks bro now DLEStarter is my 2nd home
Commented By crys18 on October 28, 2011 (12:46 pm)
Just search Google for
DataLife Engine 9.4 Full English & Nulled bY SickW.com

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Commented By onchannel on November 7, 2011 (6:11 pm)
where can i buy the dle 9.4 and how much doest it costs?
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full movies
Commented By tbenmcp on November 8, 2011 (10:10 pm)
you can just wait for dle-en.com to finish the null, you will be able to download it there, in dlestarter.com, we usually don't allow nulled script here, however, we will have it for v.i.p. member to download in 3 versions,
1) 9.4 with windows 1251 English (Human translation - not google or web translation) for those who are using original encoder

2) 9.4 with utf-8 encoder English (Human translation - not google or web translation) for those who have been using utf-8 collation

3) 9.4 movies edition, will come with include some modules that ready to use for movie website engine and a few themes that we will make for movie website

We do this just to thank you those people who have made this website possible and running. not for any other purposes...without them we don't have this website...we will not not care if no one still visit us but we will continue to do what to love to do regardless of visitors or members will come...they ask, we answer, they need helps, we give helps...that's simple
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