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Adf.ly hack for DLE

Adf.ly hack for DLE

Like i said very one search how to integrate this fabulous code into Datalife Engine sad

Don't worry i found the solution actually it's very simple but you have to concentrate with me

let do it babe smoke

First bale go to your adf.ly account after that concentrate with the following images bully :

Adf.ly hack for DLE

Adf.ly hack for DLE

Adf.ly hack for DLE

well,well,well now like you see we have two codes:

The first one is :
<script>var adfly_id = 745729;var adfly_advert = 'int';var domains = ['depositfiles.com', 'rapidshare.com', 'vip-file.com', 'smsfiles.ru', '4files.net', 'turbobit.ru', 'uploading.com', 'letitbit.net', 'depositfiles.ru', 'sms4file.com', 'ifolder.ru', 'hotfile.com', 'anyfiles.net', 'sharingmatrix.com', 'megashare.com', 'megaupload.com', 'rapidshare.de', 'rapidshare.ru', 'uploadbox.com', 'filefactory.com', 'filefactory.ru', 'filepost.ru', 'onefile.net', 'freefolder.net', 'getthebit.com', 'turbobit.net',];</script><script src="http://adf.ly/js/link-converter.js"></script>

What we care about in this code is
var domains =
here it means that if a link contain one of these domains it will be redirected first to your adf.ly account before showing the real page.
you can add whatever you want of domains.
i think now you understand what i'm talking about here wink

The second code :
<script>var adfly_id = 745729;var adfly_advert = 'int';var exclude_domains = ['example.com', 'yoursite.com',];</script><script src="http://adf.ly/js/link-converter.js"></script>

Well this code is different from the first one why?

Here you can add domain that you want exclude to be redirected..for example if you exclude your domain let's say we exclude "dlestarter.com" then only links on dlestarter will be redirected but if we don't exclude it then dlestarter itself will be redirected that means when you hint "home,dle tutorials,free downloads ...ect" will be redirected to adf.ly that mean the hole site will be redirected before showing the real page crazy this is the extra earning from adf.ly

Second Part :

here we're gonna integrate this code to our DLE site

1) Copy one of two codes above

2) Open you {THEME}/main.tpl file

3) Paste the code on the top (if you paste it in other place it will not work)

4) Open you fullstory.tpl and paste the code on top

5) Do the same thing with shortstory.tpl

i know my English is bad but the most important here is to understand the tutorial thumbsup

That's it all the link will be redirected now and have fun with earning dance

Thanks to all DleStarter Team who help us to solve problems and understand how DLE works fellow
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jopaulmj 30/12/2011 V.I.P.
Its Working He Really Funny lol
Keymaster 31/12/2011 V.I.P.
This is great but wont work if you use the leech code on your site as I do but this does work.
algeriano 1/01/2012 Members
yeah actually you must use links without leech code fellow
KingOfDCP 2/01/2012 Members
We don't need step 4 & 5
tbenmcp 2/01/2012 DLE TEAM
Quote: KingOfDCP
We don't need step 4 & 5

I was wondering the same thing because if you add the code to main.tpl then why bother add the same code to shortstory/fullstory.tpl again, right?
KingOfDCP 3/01/2012 Members
Quote: tbenmcp
I was wondering the same thing because if you add the code to main.tpl then why bother add the same code to shortstory/fullstory.tpl again, right?


In fact, this hack is not a "hack" really. It's just adding code like we add google analytics code. And it doesn't require to add it at top of the main. You can add it at the end of main file, before </body>.
algeriano 3/01/2012 Members
yeah you can add it before </body> but i tried to be more simple fellow
well this is a different javascript man..it will not work if you pass over step 4 and 5,that's why it didn't work for everyone
just try it and you'll see..you must add it in shortstory/fullstory.tpl even in addcomment.tpl..i tried it my self i didn't add the code in addcomment.tpl..so every link on my site (in comments) works without been redirected to adf.ly..
try it you'll see blind

best regard fellow
tbenmcp 3/01/2012 DLE TEAM
algeriano, you maybe right that's why we can't get it to work...have you tried on shortstory.tpl and fullstory.tpl only without add to main.tpl? I haven't tested it but just curious...
KingOfDCP 4/01/2012 Members
I already used this in 3-4 months. You should place it at bottom for better performance of website.

OT: Please disable answer & question in comment or disable re-capcha. One is enough
deathbat6661 26/01/2012 Members
Wow... this great bravo
pakchess 26/01/2012 Members
Is it works with DLE v9.5?
sawanbanna 26/01/2012 DLE TEAM
Quote: pakchess
Is it works with DLE v9.5?

rumy1200 29/02/2012 Members
My Code not work on 9.5

tbenmcp 1/03/2012 DLE TEAM
based on what i have seen, sometimes it doesn't work correctly I don't know why, but I am sure there is the way and explanation
notx88 9/04/2012 Members
awesome, i will try love
Gozan 26/04/2012 V.I.P.
can i change adf.ly to goo.gl bokali
spamhater 26/04/2012 DLE TEAM
don't know if goo.gl provide api and script to convert the links like adf.ly...don't seem to find the option in goo.gl services...
Boucher 6/08/2012 Members
Thank you, very u$efull smile
Ledi99 2/06/2013 Members
why not work on my site :O www.simplydl.com :/
spamhater 2/06/2013 DLE TEAM
Quote: Ledi99
why not work on my site :O www.simplydl.com :/

cant check it because your site has internal error, can't even access to frontpage
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