1. Display banned users in Statistics

Display banned users in Statistics

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Display banned users in StatisticsDisplay banned users in StatisticsIntroducing a new hack dle which allows you to display a list of banned users in the statistics for any site dle version. Now, your visitors can see a list of users in the statistics site get banned or banned users.

Author: DaeWoo
Version DLE: 9.x-10.x

1. Open /engine/modules/stats.php and find:
$tpl->set( '{topusers}', $top_table );

Above the insert:
$db->query( "SELECT user_id, name, user_group, reg_date, lastdate, news_num, comm_num FROM " . USERPREFIX . "_users WHERE banned='yes' ORDER BY lastdate DESC LIMIT 0,10" );
        $banned_table = "<thead><td>{$lang['top_name']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_status']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_reg']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_last']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_nnum']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_cnum']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$lang['top_pm']}</td></thead>";
        while ( $row = $db->get_row() ) {
        $registration = langdate( $config['timestamp_active'], $row['reg_date'] );
            $last = langdate( $config['timestamp_active'], $row['lastdate'] );
            if( $config['allow_alt_url'] == "yes" ) {
                $user_name = $config['http_home_url'] . "user/" . urlencode( $row['name'] ) . "/";
                $user_name = "onclick=\"ShowProfile('" . urlencode( $row['name'] ) . "', '" . htmlspecialchars( $user_name ) . "'); return false;\"";
                $user_name = "<a {$user_name} class=\"pm_list\" href=\"" . $config['http_home_url'] . "user/" . urlencode( $row['name'] ) . "/\">" . $row['name'] . "</a>";
            } else {
                $user_name = "$PHP_SELF?subaction=userinfo&amp;user=" . urlencode( $row['name'] );
                $user_name = "onclick=\"ShowProfile('" . urlencode( $row['name'] ) . "', '" . htmlspecialchars( $user_name ) . "'); return false;\"";
                $user_name = "<a {$user_name} class=\"pm_list\" href=\"$PHP_SELF?subaction=userinfo&amp;user=" . urlencode( $row['name'] ) . "\">" . $row['name'] . "</a>";
            $user_pm = "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?do=pm&doaction=newpm&user=" . $row['user_id'] . "\">{$lang['top_pm']}</a>";
            $banned_table .= "<tr><td>{$user_name}</td><td align=\"center\">{$user_group[$row['user_group']]['group_prefix']}{$user_group[$row['user_group']]['group_name']}{$user_group[$row['user_group']]['group_suffix']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$registration}</td><td align=\"center\">{$last}</td><td align=\"center\">{$row['news_num']}</td><td align=\"center\">{$row['comm_num']}</td><td align=\"center\">[ {$user_pm} ]</td></tr>";

Find more:
$tpl->set( '{topusers}', $top_table );

Below insert:
$tpl->set( '{bannedusers}', $banned_table );

2. Open the file stats.tpl current template and add where u want:

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Commented By MongKol on August 26, 2015 (11:41 pm)
so it just display those spammers and those who broke the site rules...that's good...they deserved to be called jackass in public am
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