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Ene PM - Private Messages from Ene v1.01
Do you communicate with online users and have an active life on it? Want not much help them do that? Then I present the new module for correspondences! Features of the module: - Support for latest versions. It supports the use of the engine versions from version 10.2 and higher. - Audible alarm in correspondence unit. - Alert output pop-up window with the sound for all except those blocks that are open correspondence. - Search on the fly.
DLE Version Supported DLE: 10.210.310.410.611.x11.0
Flat Cinema - Film adaptive template for DLE. This template is made for establishing an online cinema. His thought-out color scheme is sure to impress your visitors and deliver and maximum pleasure from the time spent on the site. The template has all the amenities for a comfortable arrangement of the news. So, in the movies Flat Cinema template for dle there are 3 types of short news - for movies, trailers, and for ordinary news. More details in the screenshots.
DLE Version Supported DLE: 10.6
So, we have good quality template in dark color spectrum and dark style. The template is for cinema, it will help for your site to be in a top of site with same cinema thematic. Classical and comfortable placing of news will make good job for promoting of your project.
DLE Version Supported DLE: 10.6


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DataLife Engine v.10.6 Final Release
(included updates and security patch as of November 7, 2015) A lot of tags are changed and added in this release of the perfect yet Datalife Engine, some features are removed and many are added, The engine code is redesigned and adopted to support PHP 7.xx, HTML5 player is updated to the latest version and some functions are found and corrected, also the improvement of smartphones for Admin CP!